Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gone baby gone..

Dear friends,

Twitter suspended (again) my account, now is forever I guess since they told me I got too many RTing and promoting people and have duplicate accounts (uh??). Yes I do have duplicate account when they suspended my account @brutwit I created another one @brutwit1. Apparently that was not allowed (ehm.. but I did that after they suspended my account, without the option of deleting my accounts because they're suspended...).

I'm officially pissed with Twitter since I've been their loyal user and recommended hundreds of my friends to use their wonderful service. Apparently they just replied me with one robotic sentence "as such, your account will remain suspended"... what a piece of crap!

Anyway, since they suspended my accounts, a lot of my friends are looking for me on Twitter to be followed and to keep having my quotes/jokes updates. If you're one of them, please follow @rquotes. Yes, that's me, but I do no promoting your accounts now, those arrogant Twitter as*****s don't like it and they're on to me.

My prayers go to all of you, my friends.

Thanks for reading.

1 comment:

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