Monday, January 18, 2010

Advertise your business

Hi Friends,

I want to let you know what I know so far about online advertising. What you need to do before doing any advertising is to have a great landing page. The simplest one is to have your own blog. You can create one for free on or, etc.

Then, it comes the hardest part. Advertising! You need to have a lot (and I mean) A LOT of visitors. But not just "visitors", but real people which are really interested in what you're doing. To do this, you can use commercial services such as Google or Yahoo. Yes! They're NOT free, and they're NOT cheap. Trust me. I used Google Adwords for several days, put the daily limit to $5 and then changed it to $50, the results said for itself. The $5 daily limit didn't do much of anything. But the $50 really did work. Although, I must say and advise you NOT to follow my step on this, why ? I did get a lot of visits/clicks, but I only got like 5 people signing up to my offer.

Same thing happened when I tried "buying clicks" through Yahoo! So, I quit doing this (ehm.. actually I did the same thing on facebook, and got nothing except spending my money).

I then tried to buy clicks from some Internet marketing companies. There are a lot of choices should you want to buy clicks. Some offering very cheap / low rates like $10 for 5000 clicks or so. But do be careful, most of them delivers "fake" clicks. The worse ones even use "automated/robot clicks". What I mean by "fake" clicks, is that the clicks are random clicks by internet users (not targetted). They click to your site only because they have to, and not because they're interested to what's exposed on the ad. It's like when you're visiting some video streaming sites, before you can view the video, the site will say "please click on this link before you can watch the video". These kind of clicks are worthless.

Another example would be an expired domain names. Let say you're visiting a website which domain name is already expired, and the "expired page" will have so many links with random interesting sentences depending on that particular expired domain name. One of the link would be your site's link. This is also worthless (at least for me that is).

I tried buying the $10 clicks, and the $90 clicks. The $10 gave me nothing. The $90 gave me nothing too except they really put my site through several popular search engines including google.

But let me tell you, I lost a lot of money trying to buy clicks and advertise here and there. Of course I got lots of signups and emails regarding my programs. But about 80% of my new friends interesting on what I'm offering on this blog came NOT from any paid advertisement. I found them from social networkings like Twitter, for free, and the cool part is that, they're real people and I can interact with them, knowing we're on the same page, I got lots of new friends.

Of course, you can't do it overnight. And since I'm a programmer, I helped several of my friends to do the same using Twitter. And it's really effective! If you see my twitter page, I tweet 24 hours a day, I reply to each post when possible, I asked people to follow me too so I can build a network on my own. It took a lot of work, but my custom build scripts help a lot.

Just don't forget to keep your tweets interesting, to have your own cool landing pages, and to interact with people now and then. I don't know about you, but I like having lots of online friends.

For now I'm planning to allow everyone to use my auto-tweets program for a small fee. But I haven't create a front-end for that yet since I'm very busy with my daily work. My scripts would be to tweet your advertisement through your twitter accounts, every several minutes or so (randomized with limit), and I will also going to single-shout you on my twitter account.

Since I don't have time to do this just yet, if you're interested, just let me know here or drop me an email.

Much Success Everyone!


  1. Yes, sounds good-let me know when you get all together!

  2. Sounds great, keep me informed. VERY informative.



  4. nice job

  5. Bru, what if you're like me...just wanting more readers and also selling adspace in a different medium? How can I make my blog better?

  6. shaggy,.. I got this a lot too. You first need to have a targeted audience which you can build yourself. I won't recommend any paying sites because most of them don't worth your money. If you're a programmer like me, you can start building your audience using twitter or even facebook. Update your status OFTEN, and let everybody know you for who you are and what your intentions are. Refer them to your blog/site, and help your new friends in every questions they have or even help them create their own network by building their followers on twitter too.

    There's so much you can do, but don't spend any money for any commercial services yet. Trust yourself, learn and work hard to advertise your site to the correct audience.

    Good luck!

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