Sunday, January 24, 2010

Out of Topic: Hoax about Johnny Depp

Wow, today I found out from Twitter that actor Johnny Depp has died in a car crash. They even gave me a link to CNN.

This is false people. Before you continue reading that "CNN page", check out the link on your browser. It's actually hosted somewhere in People don't really check the links before starting to spread this rumour, too bad.

This is just some guy creating a false news and spreading the rumour, making it exactly like CNN website.

Check out other explanation here : and here : and another one here :

Thanks for reading.


  1. LOL who would do such a thing?!?!?

    thanks for explaining mate ;)

    found you on twitter

  2. Really intersting the topic, I will put it to all my timeline read!

  3. I saw it very early and checked before I tweeted anything.When I did it was to say ignore it folks its a very bad joke.Yr article is right check first..

  4. Thank God this was not true! I love Johnny Depp! This was a cruel hoax on all of us. Love the snarky CNN comment ;-)
    Anita @ModelSupplies