Friday, January 22, 2010

Repost: My personal view of online opportunities.

Hi friends, this is a repost from my previous blog entries. Hope it's helpful for you.


A lot of people like you and me, are always looking for some opportunities, especially online opportunities, the one that can actually works and eventually making extra money and create a steady income for life.

I for one, have been trying to find this kind of programs for ages, in fact I don't even remember since when. Might be since the early days of the internet when people are using chain mails posted on the usenet with money-in-the-envelope thingy. Well let just say, nowadays, it's so much better than that.

I've been here and there, searching for online opportunities or whatever we call it, I tried money games, I even try the stock market and forex online, even get myself a forex robot and stuffs. They all don't seem to work. Even when it does work, I still lost money since the money earned is not as much as the money invested at the first place. So are they all scams? or am I just that stupid and can't seem to do the work needed for these opportunities ?

Well, to tell you the truth, the answer is "i don't know". But what matters is always the outcome afterwards. And I can recently tell, that any online opportunities you encountered will NOT work. Perhaps more than 80% of them is not working.

Just remember when they offer :

1. No work
2. No advertising
3. No selling
4. Auto-pilot, just sit back and relax

means, these kind of programs are either scams or won't work. I guarantee you, you'll end up losing your money!

I've learned my lesson to know that there's no easy way to find money. They just don't exist in the real world. Suffice to say, if you don't do any work, you won't have an income in return. There's no such things as easy money. So, what does work ? Of course,.. it's your own hard work, your willingness to succeed, and your confident in your own business that you're going to have online. And of course, and this is very important, you'll need some money to have your business going at first. '

So after years of doing stupid things investing here and there, I finally make a steady income. Not that much at first, but if you put your mind to it, work hard online, it could really make a substantial amount of money. They say you can retire and quit your work?? I'm yet to believe that since I'm still doing my day job regularly, but because what I'm doing right now is really starting to kick in big, I believe this is the real online business, online opportunities, and I know how to do it, is by working hard, not by "auto-pilot, sit back and see the money coming", that's just bullshit. Trust me! I've been there, lost a lot of money, and please don't just joined any programs, cheap joining fee that offers a lot of money in return just by your sitting back and doing nothing.

Remember, if it's too good to be true, then it's just not possible.

So let me introduce you with this thing I'm into right now. First of all, this guy Tissa Godavitarne which I never met before, claims he's making his life through this online business he invented, and now he's sharing it with us and mentoring us how to do this business. He literally invested a huge amount of money to start his own business online. You can get to know him and learn how to do business like him in the forum. What he has for us is a system called affiliate marketing. Within this, your primary goal is to refer people, build your own network, and in time you'll have a great income out of it regularly.

There are 8 different types of income opportunities within the system that you can take advantage of. But let me tell you,.. if you're not serious to work work and work! to earn yourself a decent amount of money, even if most of the work you do is online,.. then you better stop reading my blog, and browse somewhere else. Because if you're not patient and serious to join this program, then you'll end up quiting in one week.

Like I told you, Tissa made a fortune with his business. He actually created a search engine that's so popular, and now he's "lending" us his search engine for us to sell and advertise. So you'll have your own search engine completely built and ready to use, using your own domain name. On top of that, there are that 8 other income streams that I told you about.

You should join us if you're serious about building your business and work online. The money will not be instant, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme at all, and of course this is 100% no scam. You join first, no money involved, follow the steps (there are 3 steps), and Tissa WILL do the work for you to help you going at first.

What's the actual work that I keep on reminding you about ?

It's advertising.

Believe it or not, the answer to almost any kind of great product, is the good old advertising. You need to advertise, bring on people to your site, your other 8 sites which are your potential income too, and what you do is actually learning how to advertise effectivelly. I can't tell you what better ways to learn how to do that than by utilizing the forums. A lot of members there willing to help you. You just need to be patient, work hard, and be patient, and again work hard. That's all. This is why I told you, that you probably need some money at first to advertise on stuff like yahoo, google adwords etc. But if you work hard enough, you'll find that you can do it for free with the same result.

Tissa also will give you $125 bonus after you completed all the 3 steps. It's paid within 24 hours. When you advertise your business correctly, the search engine WILL sells for itself. It's actually a people search engine which you can find addresses of people around the USA.

Now I will provide you links to this program. Think carefully, read thoroughly, and join us if you think you're ready to work hard seriously online and becoming a successful internet online marketer.

You can contact me anytime if you want. I'll be ready to answer all of your questions.

Thank you for reading, and have a nice day.


  1. I would like to say that Bru is correct.There is nothing I know of that works without "work".Advertising for traffic is the key.Bru is a very truthful, honest networker,and is listed on several networking sites.Just send him an email if you have any questions.
    This is a great blog Bru,Keep up the great info!
    Tristan Ginnett

  2. Hi Tristan, thanks for visiting my blog.
    The key is always advertising on the net or anywhere else on that matter. Very tricky if you don't know how, but when you work hard, you'll get the result. Not overnight of course.

    Nice to know you Tristan.

  3. Totally agree with you about online opportunities. I have bought and tried hundreds of them, worked hard too, little or no result. I do have a couple that are working though, not a lot of money, maybe 4K to 6K per year after 2 years. Appreciate your honesty, it is the best policy all the time.