Friday, February 12, 2010

How to build a steady income online

Dear friends,

You might have seen a lot of programs, ads, and other stuffs telling you to actually purchase some ebook or join a money making program with no work, all is automated, and will get you a steady income (huge one). Well, I don't think it's all that easy. When you happen to visit this kind of site, please proceed with caution and follow these steps :

- Don't get hypnotized by it. They often use capital letters and other eye catching materials with proves and interesting screenshots. Just clear your mind first, and immediately back to reality.

- Watch for these words : Making thousands monthly, No selling, No work, Auto-Pilot, Legit, No Scam and you might add similar words that I'm actually forgetting, please drop me a comment on this.

- Don't get too excited seeing the "results". We don't know for sure if they're real. Even if they're real and not fabricated, that could probably the result of just one very successful internet marketer.

- Etc (please read my blog entries).

Please do your homework. Find a discussion of the program you're interested in joining, or even be in that discussion. Some legit and true programs should have a good community which you can ask questions and lead you to becoming an internet marketer and get a steady income.

And yes, even with legit programs, you would need some money to get your business started. It's a business, so it's not like buying a lottery tickets. You need to own a business and have the right knowledge to be a successful internet marketer.

And... a lot of PATIENCE.

You won't sell anything if you're impatient. Patience, some money to start, determination, knowledge on how things work on the internet marketing business, and keep on learning, there's no limit to it.

Yes, it's not easy, but for me it's just like a bonus. It won't make you quit your job, that's bullshit. But I don't see why you can't quit your job either if you end up making more money than your daily job, well maybe in the near future.

Thanks for reading, be sure to browse my other post and see what I'm actually doing making money online.


  1. This is a good post Bru. You can be successful with the right model. It's important understand that it is a business. Make sure the product and system make sense. Take your time and be pragmatic. Have all your questions answered before you proceed.

  2. nice post Bru ... I m new to twitter. Member from last one year.( as someon asked me to make an a/c) But active from December 2009 end. I just m here coz i like it. But now i think why cant I earn a living from this. What do u say?? could u give some tips.. The wbsite i wrte for is my friends site and I do it for friendship:). As he is an old techie friend, who taught me all this via gtalk ;) lol

  3. Thanks Bru. This is fantastically helpful. I have about given up on an online business and have the idea on the shelf for a while. I will start reading your blog and learning what to do. I have a lot of experience about what not to do. lol

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