Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Twitter Account


Today twitter suspended my account for some reason. So for all my twitter friends, I'm sorry but I can't keep shouting you guys out to get you followers no more. But if you'd like to follow me and still interested in my tweets (quotes, facts and jokes), here's my new twitter account: bru_reloaded. Feel free to follow me.



  1. Bummer~!!! There has been a lot of that going around - we're all on pins and needles! I know your name and avi, but cannot recall your old ID exactly. What was it? I will tweet old & new to try to help find your followers if you like =)
    Anita @ModelSupplies

  2. Dear Anita, thanks for your comment. My old id was brutwit, and my new one is bru_reloaded. Hope you can help me out :)

  3. OK so now I got my old account brutwit re-activated but they banned the new bru_reloaded account. How confusing!

  4. That is sad twitter works in mysterious ways you never know what they gonna do next I'll join Anita with the shout outs for ya see if we can get a few back watch out for agressive following they don't like that either lol

  5. did they give you a reason why they suspended it. I had that a couple of weeks ago, they didn't like that I'd reached my twitter limits said it was too aggressive, I think they are now monitoring how fast people follow and unfollow. Keep it under 500 a day. Hope it helps.


  6. What? So glad u gv a shout-out, will follow on new! :) :)

  7. noooooo no twitter suspended, ok, I will follow on twitter